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Bespoke Records

Started in 2014 and fast attracting a new generation of gifted worship songwriters and leaders, Bespoke Records is built on 2 values: championing songwriters and artists whilst championing and protecting their art and creativity. Bespoke is home to a growing catalogue – including Bright City, Tom Read and Tom Smith. Focussed on resourcing the church with authentic creativity whilst protecting the creatives themselves, Bespoke fights to empower and equip songwriters with fair, short term publishing agreements that still gives songs a global and life-long platform. They also look after a catalogue of non-congregational songs, bringing much needed kingdom values to the wider music industry.

Contact: Bespoke Records 
20B Preston Park Avenue, Brighton, BN1 6HL

David media

David Media

Swedish music company that was founded in 2000 by industry veteran Lars Petersson. David Media is a leading publisher of local worship songs as well as a sub-publisher/administrator for the Scandinavian & Baltic market. Other areas of the company includes music distribution and a record label.

Contact: David Media AB
Borgvägen 20a, SE- 904 20 Umeå, Sweden
Ph: +46 (0)90 715730, Fax: +46 (0)90 715731

Girth Medien

Gerth Medien GmbH

With its own music publishing division, for over 60 years now, Gerth Medien GmbH has a large music collection in the Christian evangelical market in the German speaking countries. At Gerth Medien music publishing house, music label and sales department are under one roof – for the retail market as well as for the end customer. Gerth Medien also publishes and distributes books and since 2010 offers Music and Sheets in their great Download-Shop.


Hillsong Music

Committed to building the local church, Hillsong Music champions passionate and genuine worship of our Lord Jesus Christ in local churches across the globe. Hillsong Music resources local church worship teams across the many denominational faces of the Church.

Hymns Ancient & Modern

Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd

First published in 1861 and with worldwide sales of 170 million copies, is just one of the company’s growing range of classic and new hymns and song collections that includes Common Praise. The New English Hymnal, Church Hymnary 4 (also published as Hymns of Glory Songs of Praise). The Irish Presbyterian Hymnbook and several collections by Timothy Dudley-Smith. It also publishes guides for choosing music for worship that is biblically relevant, theologically rich and liturgically appropriate. Today, the company is working increasingly closely with the Royal School of Church Music to bring to churches the best resources and support for worship formation through music.

In addition, under its Canterbury, SCM and RMEP imprints, Hymns A&M is a leading publisher of academic theology, reference books and dictionaries, liturgy, worship resources general spirituality and classroom resources for the teaching of religious education.

Hymns A&M also publishes the Church Times and other periodicals and owns Church House Bookshop in Westminster, London. Through the subsidiary Norwich Books and Music, Hymns A&M is a distributor for other publishers – notably RSCM and Church House Publishing.

Hymns Ancient & Modern is a registered charity with the aim to promote religion. This is achieved through publishing bookselling and distribution activities and grant giving.

Integrity Music

Integrity Music Europe

Mainly publishes modern worship songs and hymns and has a catalogue of over 4,500 songs.  Writers include Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Brenton Brown, Stuart Townend, Keith Getty, Paul Oakley and Chris Bowater.


The Jubilate Group

Founded in the 1960’s by Michael Baughen (Rector of All Souls Langham Place, then Bishop of Chester) to equip and enrich the worshipping church with words full of integrity, and music that is singable. Innovations include ground-breaking revised texts to bring old hymns to new believers, and more recently its interactive web-site www.jubilate.co.uk, with over 2000 texts and tunes to download. Resound our new website, RESOUNDworship, has a growing number of songs. For downloads (currently free) click on the link below.


Louange Traduction Composition (LTC)

“Mission is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Mission exists because worship doesn’t. Worship is ultimate, not missions, because God is ultimate, not man.”
(Let the Nations be glad by John Piper)
This well known statement from J. Pipers book is a wonderful resume of the reason why LTC exists. We have, since the creation of “Louange Traduction Composition” (LTC) in 1989, tried to be a tool for the Church in the French speaking world. The songs, the materials, websites and CD’s are their so that our worship is a passionate expression of our love for Jesus and in turn ignites a passion to share the Good News around us.
Our main areas of action are in:

  • encouraging the French song writer by producing their songs,
  • translating songs that have an international impact on the world,
  • producing song books and CD that reflect our translation work
  • and finally, help the church in the copyright procedures for the reproduction of the words in the church setting.

LTC has been, and still is, the platform for many worship gatherings and national worship forums in many parts of the French speaking world. If you are good at reading French you can get a better picture of us by visiting our site.

Out of the ark music

Out of the Ark Music

Singing resources for children of primary school age
In 1989 Mark and Helen Johnson were asked to write a short nativity musical by the headteacher of the primary school where Helen was teaching. ‘Off To Bethlehem’ was a huge success and within months Mark and Helen were given the opportunity of leaving their jobs to explore and develop their gift in writing music.

It was with a deep breath and a big step of faith that Mark and Helen went on to set up Out Of The Ark Music as a fledgling vehicle for distributing their songs to primary schools.

Helen recalls: ‘Whilst reading the story about Noah and the flood, I was impressed by the task set before Noah – to fill the ark with “every creature that has the breath of life in it”. What sparked our imagination was the notion of somehow containing the colour, energy, beauty and diversity of created life in a unique vessel, with a view to then releasing it into the next generation. This powerful image was to become our inspiration and the motivation for all our songs going into schools. Like Noah, we see our job as capturing and preserving all that is good – the breadth and diversity of life and the world around us – and passing it on through the medium of music’.

What began with only a tiny desk under the stairs, has grown over two decades to become a leading educational publisher that now supplies over 18,000 primary schools and nurseries across the UK and overseas.

Out of the Ark Music was born out of a passionate belief that children deserve the very best. The importance of singing cannot be emphasized enough.

Out of the Ark Music’s goals are:

  • To enhance children’s enjoyment of music and the world around them by producing songs that are thought provoking, relevant and great fun to sing.
  • To produce top quality materials to give today’s children songs that excites them and to which they can readily relate.
  • To write good positive songs that re-enforce self-worth and significance and that are appropriate to children’s experience.
  • To convey truth and teach about Christian values and faith.
Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press

A department of the University of Oxford and furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education worldwide.  The Press’s music publishing embraces a wide list of hymn texts and tunes which it administers or owns, and a large catalogue of sacred choral music.

Royal School of Church Music

The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM)

An educational charity dedicated to raising standards and promoting the best use of music in every style of Christian worship and in every denomination. Since its foundation in 1927, it has grown into an international organization providing inspiration, education and guidance to around 6,000 affiliated churches and choirs and over 3,000 individual members and supporters in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

The Salvation Army

Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd

Part of The Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd, Salvationist Publishing and Supplies (SP&S) is the publishing and retail arm of The Salvation Army in the United Kingdom. We are a major publisher of Christian music and resources, providing an extensive range of music for all ages and standards, including music for brass bands, choral groups, alternative worship groups along with a wide selection of books and worship resources as well as Salvation Army uniforms. The Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd also runs a network of charity shops and much, much more.

Further information can be found on the following websites: Salvationist Publishing & Supplies: : www.sps-shop.comSalvation Army Trading Company Ltd: www.satcol.org The Salvation Army: www.salvationarmy.org.uk


SCM Hänssler

Formerly known as Hänssler Verlag, SCM Hänssler was founded in 1919 and is part of SCM-Verlag. SCM Hänssler publishes and distributes Christian books, songbooks, CDs, DVDs and software and serves as copyright administrator for national (German) and international songs.


Small Stone Media (Holland)

The newly formed music company with a heart for Christian music, was founded in the Autumn of 2007, by Peter Grasmeijer and Cees Van Vugt. Its goal is to serve as a areliable and pro-active partner for composers, lyricists, and other Christian music publishers around the world. Small Stone Media aims to achieve this through the development of four complimentary activities: Music Publishing, Copyright Administration, Distribution of sheet music and Services.


Small Stone Media (Germany)

In 2008, one year after the founding of Small Stone Media, Englishman Barry Guy joined forces with Peter and Cees to launch Small Stone Media Germany. Barry is an experienced music executive who has been working in Germany for many years. Sharing a common vision for Christian music in Europe, the team set out to provide songwriters and business partners with excellent music publishing services, which they believe will enrich the Christian music scene on the continent.

Small Stone Media Germany’s key objectives are:

  • To provide efficient and professional administrative services to all our clients.
  • To provide excellent creative services, ranging from domestic A&R and pro-active song exploitation to innovative marketing concepts.
  • To improve networking and communication. Songwriters, translators, producers, artists, record labels, churches, choirs, worship teams and media – all of these play important roles in the development and growth of Christian music. We talk to all and listen to all – so that we can provide resources that are needed.
  • To build a successful business. We are here to maximise income for all concerned by being forward looking, seizing opportunities and constantly improving the way we do business.
  • To support the growth of the Church in Germany. This country has a rich Christian cultural heritage, which we recognise and respect. Our services to the Church and to Christian musicians in Germany are therefore tailored to meet their needs.

Many important publishers have entrusted their sub-publishing to Small Stone Media for the GSA region: EMI CMG Music Publishing, Imagem Christian Music, Lorenz Music Publishing, Music Services, Make Way Music, Bethel Music, Simpleville Music, Hope Publishing, OCP and Lifeway are all being served by us. In Germany an increasing number of songwriters are coming to us for creative and professional support.

Song Solutions

Song Solutions

Part of Essential Christian, a Charity in the UK, offering global publishing administration with its own network of offices worldwide. With over one hundred thousand songs and hymns, covering all the major languages and styles from traditional to modern we work with established and emerging writers and publishers. Our staff has over twenty years of experience in international Christian music publishing and we are committed to giving a five star service to all our clients. Email: info@songsolutions.org

Stainer & Bell

Stainer & Bell

Founded in 1907, Stainer & Bell are well known for their religious and hymnody publishing and represent the work of many internationally recognised hymn writers. Full details of all their activities can be found at www.stainer.co.uk


Vineyard Worship

First and foremost a worship ministry rather than a worship label. By that we mean that our focus is to serve the wider church with resources, training and music that enables todays church to worship God in a manner that is culture-current.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and to that end we reinvest our proceeds to church planting, mission and ministry purposes. We have a symbiotic relationship with the Vineyard Church movement ensuring that our focus is always towards fulfilling ministry goals and our Board of Trustees is made up of church pastors.